It’s been almost 3 months since I have been working at the International Student Office in LaGuardia Community College and I can say that the experience I have acquired is wonderful. The first 2 weeks I felt lost and I felt that I did not fit in the international student office because it was a lot of information to learn and every information should be carefully given to the students not to confuse them. However, working with my supervisor and other staff members has helped me to adapt gradually and feel more secure in my work and thus develop and improve my skills.

In the beginning, the skill that I have developed in this internship are my communication skills, the ability to be patient with others and manage well the time to not carry much pressure or confuse with the information. Those have improved during the weeks, the adaptation, and learning that I acquired in the office. Working in front desk is a great advantage because it has helped me to improve any weaknesses that I have, such as communicate with anyone who arrives at the office, whether students or staff. Answer the phone, check students’ information, have good memory, and do paper work. Despite of English is not my native language; I could deal with students when they asked about their status or any information that concern them if I know and familiar with the question.

At the end of my internship, I felt more secure and comfortable in my work because I already knew some students and the environment of how they worked in the office. I also develop my ability to recognize students name who in some cases we should be pending for the documents when they gave to the office are updated, documents to be pick up, students are contacted via telephone or email and warning them that they must comply with the requirements established in the immigration law as international students. In additional, I already knew what my position was and what I should do when there is pending work such as filing, make copy to the different applications and forms to be delivered to the students when they request, sing in students in the SEMS system and update student’s information in the FSO system.

In conclusion, these three months have been wonderful and I have acquired unique experience in the office because I could learn more vocabulary, I acquired more knowledge, to experiment another environment and to know many cultures. In addition, I was also able to improved my weaknesses and strengthen my skills with the help of all staff members who provided me a lot of teaching and support to achieve my goal. And this internship is an opportunity to demonstrate my knowledge acquired in class and practice on campus professionally to achieve my goal as administrator.