It has been more than a month since I started internships at International Student Office and I can say that I am adapting the new environment and all the staff members who works at the office. Sometimes, it is difficult to follow them how to assist students because almost every day I learn new things and students’ cases are different.

All staff members are very friendly, nicely and very polite. It helps me to feel more comfortable and secure in my work. International Student Office has diversity culture because every staff members are from different countries. Also, my supervisor talk me that I should take advantage in this because I am working at the office that does not need a perfect English, the only thing that is required is patience and understanding any students who want to study at LaGuardia Community College.

The communication with my co-workers are very efficient because they help me to solve or figure out any problems with the students or answer any questions that are new to my knowledge regarding the status of the students. The first 2 weeks, I expected my supervisor to assign me tasks what should I do and what other staff members do daily in the office. But after 2 weeks, I already knew what is my tasks at the office and I did not need my supervisor assign me as filing, updating students’ information, submitting the information on the system and sign in students when they come to the office to talk or see to the advisor.

Communication is my big challenge because it is difficult to me speak another language when I am not familiar with the information that it presents daily at the office. However, when I talk with students is because I got some knowledge and I can say with secure what they should do or where they must go to get more information or details about their concern.

The relation between staff members are good. They keep a good communication in from of each student using properly words and respect every opinion or comments. Also, when students call to the office they try to do everything to help them and answer any questions that it can concern them. To have a good communication between students and workers we must keep in mind the respect, professionalism and how to handle any situations as adults, communicate and act appropriately and maintain a firm stance when we are getting problems with students in an unexpected situation.

To conclude, this internship will be an experience to grow professionally and improve my weaknesses that are presented every day. Now, I know that dealing with students is a difficult task because it requires a lot of patience and understanding to explain every information that they need. However, it is just a challenge presented in the pathway and I will overcome with the help of my co-workers to get a better work.