Hi everyone, my name is Lania and I want to share my experiences at International Student Office at LaGuardia Community College.

In 2011, LaGuardia Community College celebrated 40 years of opening the doors of higher learning to all. By challenging expectations and daring to do more every day, LAGCC is at the forefront of momentous shifts in the landscape of higher education in the 21st century.

LaGuardia community college offers more than 50 associate degree programs in many fields, from nursing to business to the arts to computer science, and four certificate programs.
LaGuardia community college was ranked as one of the highest three large community colleges in the United States for our excellent academic standards and advanced teaching practices. In addition, LaGuardia Community College offers a quality education at one of the lowest tuitions in NYC, and 80% of our students receive financial aid. And Office of International Students is one of many departments that the college is structured to help students.

International Student Office receive over 150 countries represented and 106 native languages spoken by our students, faculty and staff, there is no better place than LaGuardia for you to explore, experiment, and learn.

The office helps students to change, update and guide them with their status or their F1/I-20 to ensure a good time as student inside of the United States. Each semester the office receives confirmation letters from more than 100 internationals students around the world fulfilling the requirements that the college demands and the immigration laws.

My employer expectation is dealing and treating all students and other staff members efficiently, properly and politely. Keeping a good communication between students and staff is a better way to work and achieve the office goals. However other staff members expect me to overcome my shyness and not get nervous when I am dealing with students.

The assigned tasks are like every office has but in this cases we must contact every student who has problem with their status. They as advisor and office assistances should make sure that students information is updated according with Cuny First system and International Student Office records. My assigned tasks are submitting new students’ information, sing in students to be helped by advisor, collates and collect documents, answer the phone, call students, filing and create new folders. But the most important task is talking with students and explain them every detail that they need to know.

To conclude, International Student Office is one of the departments which help students who are from other countries and make them feel comfortable within on campus and the United States. It is a great place to do my internship because I can improve my communication skill talking with students or staff members. Also, it helps me to get new experiences, knowledge and skills. In addition, it is an opportunity to me grow up professionally improving my other skills to get a better work in and out at the office.