Interview to my supervisor Paula Ramirez

  1. What were your expectations when you began to work in this office?

I am a persona that what to learn something new, apply my knowledge and experience in this field, give high quality customer service to the students, make career in CUNY, and get promotions.

  1. What is the goal do you want to achieve in this office as personal and professional life?

As my personal life to get my master degree and as professional life to become an International Student Advisor or other higher position.

  1. Do you think that this office is helpful for international students? Why

Yes, of course because we facilitate a clear and easy way for foreign students to come to the United States to pursue and Associate Degree and future education.

  1. What are your expectations about students who want to intern in this office?

My expectation from the interns are apply the knowledge that they are getting in class, improve their personal and professional skills, getting experience in the work field, improve confidence, get interpersonal skills and customer service and the most important learn to receive professional feedback.

  1. How many years did you take to learn and get knowledge about international office and why you choose this office?

To be familiar with all terms and regulations for F1 students, it took me around 7 and 10 months. I like to work in this office because as a foreign person I understand the struggles that a lot of people have when they come to study in United States. Also, I love culture and diversity.

  1. What is your academic background?

I am a bachelor in Business Administration.

  1. What is the bigger inconvenient that you must deal with students?

My lunch time (laughing)… well, language barrier because some students have problems understanding, explanation, instruction, and directions.

  1. What are the most 5 popular countries to request for I-20?

Nepal, South Korea, Bangladesh, China, and Japan.

  1. In the last 2 years, do you think that have been increased or decreased for apply for I-20? How many percentage approximately.

It has increased, approximately 35%.

  1. Any advice for your intern?

Well, keep working hard to improve your language skills. No fear to try something new. Take risks and talk with people.