Name: Lania Mok

Major: Business Administration

Internship Site / Department: International Student Services at LaGuardia Community College

Position: Front desk intern

Location: 30-20 Thomson Avenue Room B-117. Long Island City, NY 11101

Internship URL:


Organization Profile

In 2011, LaGuardia Community College celebrated 40 years of opening the doors of higher learning to all. By challenging expectations and daring to do more every day, LAGCC is at the forefront of momentous shifts in the landscape of higher education in the 21st century.

LaGuardia community college offers more than 50 associate degree programs in many fields, from nursing to business to the arts to computer science, and four certificate programs. LaGuardia community college was ranked as one of the highest three large community colleges in the United States for our excellent academic standards and advanced teaching practices. In addition, LaGuardia Community College offers a quality education at one of the lowest tuitions in NYC, and 80% of our students receive financial aid. And Office of International Students is one of many departments that the college is structured to help students. International Student Office receive over 150 countries represented and 106 native languages spoken by our students, faculty and staff, there is no better place than LaGuardia for you to explore, experiment, and learn.

Internship Profile

My assigned tasks are submitting new students’ information, sing in students to be helped by advisor, collates and collect documents, answer the phone, call students, filing and create new folders. But the most important task is talking with students and explain them every detail that they need to know.

Internship Learning Objectives

In my internship, I would like to achieve my goals and look for more challenges to get new experiences. First, I hope to benefit from my internship is to acquire new knowledge, new learning and new challenges. Second, I want to become more assertive and overcome my shyness. Third, I would like to interact with other people to improve my communication skills like pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and my writing. Also, I want to learn or improve my computer skills and how to use every program in there. In addition, I want to get every information necessary to improve my background about the basic concepts of my career as finance, system or leadership because every career has different concepts and different ways to learn and understand. And, I hope that every learning in my internship can help me in my new job or my professional life.

Reflection on Internship Experience

This is my first internship in the United States and I can say that the experience I have acquired is amazing because I could learn and got new knowledge and new experience in my life. International Student Office is one of the departments at LaGuardia Community College which help students who are from other countries and make them feel comfortable within on campus and the United States. It was a great place to start to do my internship because I could improve my communication skill talking with students or staff members. In addition, it was an opportunity to me grows up professionally improving my other skills to get a better work in and out at the office.

I know that dealing with students is a difficult task because it requires a lot of patience and understanding to explain every information that they need. In fact, my supervisor told me that I should take advantage in this office because I was working at the office that does not need perfect English; the only thing that is required is patience and understanding any students who want to study at LaGuardia Community College. However, it was just a challenge presented in the pathway and I was overcoming little by little with the help of my co-workers to get a better work. All staff members are very friendly, nicely and very polite. It helped me to feel more comfortable and secure in my work. Despite having different opinions, different cultures and different languages with other staff members we always maintained good communications in front of other people either students or staff. And we shared pleasant moments like celebrate the birthday of one of advisors, to exchange cultures, be informed with the news that happen outside and inside the campus.

Communication will always be my big challenge because it is difficult to me speak another language when I am not familiar with the information that it presents daily at the office. However, when I talk with students is because I got some knowledge and I can say with secure what they should do or where they must go to get more information or details about their concern. This internship is one of my learning as a student of business administration who wishes to work in the business environment and acquire more knowledge and skills. And it was the best place to start, the best environment and friendship to learn and acquire new information.

No matter how difficult to get our dream come true, the most important thing is to fight for it. We must give our best to make things flow positively and achieve the success we crave. In our pathway we make many mistakes where it becomes our own nightmare but the best way to reach success is to learn from our own mistakes as a personal and professional improvement. For example, fear is the worst company you can have because that feeling makes you block and does not allow you to develop your skills well. So the best way to overcome this sensation is being strong and secure in your daily tasks and activities.

Proud of

I am proud of myself because I succeed in finishing one of objectives that is to graduate from college. And thanks to this internship I can appreciate the work environment of another country, to admire the people who have worked with me and the support that I have taken to acquire more knowledge. Every effort I’ve made is to improve every day as a person and as a future administrator. In life is always going to see obstacles that stops us from progressing but with constancy, commitment and discipline I could overcome each of obstacles. I am also proud of myself because I have learned to feel secure with myself, to manage my patience well and to improve my communication with others.

Next Steps

My next step is to keep working and fighting for my goals. Continuing to learn and grow as a person because it is one of the most important objectives for me. In addition, I want to find a full-time job to keep learn and improve my skills and be accepted in Baruch College to continue with my education.