Of the 8 chapters reviewed, I believe the following chapter topic is most relevant in my workplace setting because communication is the key to success in almost all aspects of our life, so most of the problems, either within organizations or in personal life, are connected to ineffectiveness when communicating and relating to others. In the office, we always maintain communication with every student either by in person, phone, email or voicemail to notify them any concerns that are important to the student. Our communication will always be effective, clear and efficient to be able to transmit the best communication and a simple answer and without much roundabout. A very important aspect to achieve effective communication is listening. To achieve effective communication within an organization, it is necessary to have a good communication system and a person suitable to make it effective. Some organizations do not give enough importance to this, and this is how problems often arise that could have been avoided.  However, all communication that maintained between students and staff members will be polite, patient and clear so that nobody has any misunderstandings about the topics that are of interest to the students. Also in the office, there are diversity of cultures that characterizes us because we are aware that not all students speak English fluently. Sometimes, there are student who is difficult to communicate with the staff members but that is not an obstacle for the department of not being able to help the student. And we as a professional always try to find solutions to our challenge and we look for the best way for both parties to be happy and fair.